Why You Should Put Your Home On Market During The Holidays!!

There are multiple reasons to list your house for sale during the holidays. Here are just a few reasons-

  • Houses and neighborhoods are more appealing when decorated for the holidays

  • Many homeowners follow the same misconception that it is better to wait after the holidays to try and sell their home. Since this misconception is commonly followed, it results in less competition during the holidays for sellers. Since there is less inventory of homes it is more likely the holiday seller will get a higher price for their home. Once the holidays are over more houses are for sale, resulting in more competition!

  • Home shoppers during the holidays are motivated! You may have less showings or inquiries on your home, however, showings during the holidays are to be taken seriously because buyers are willing to view homes in poor weather conditions or alter their holiday plans such as going on vacation or purchasing expensive gifts for loved ones. Keep in mind as a seller you do have control over when you would make your home available to show at your convenience and the closing date is negotiable.

  • Waiting till after the holidays to sell your home also negates the fact that there are buyers who need to relocate regardless of the time of year.

Due to the lack of inventory, high demand, and low interest rates, we are in a sellers market for primary residences in Long Island! If priced and advertised correctly homes will sell at or above asking price (even above market value).